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"I joke and say I must be a cat with "nine lives" because I am blessed to have so many meaningful accomplishments in one lifetime. I have had several careers in everything from music production to retail and design, from illustration to photography, and from art to technology back to art again. I am constantly growing, learning, and expanding my knowledge base. I will never stop learning. My continued education has fueled my artistry, taken on new meaning, and has inspired a new level of creativity! I love to push the limits of my work to see how I can do things differently. I love creating my original acrylic paintings on canvas, but I am also excited to develop new art using cutting-edge processes and technologies in the new NFT market.
It's a new era for the art world, and I intend to continue my mission to create art and live life boldly!" -  Karlana 


Chicago native, Karlana Pedersen offers custom art, and private commissions, and has been a favorite with designers and creative professionals for over ten years. Karlana's work is featured in the media and in homes and businesses alike. Karlana Pedersen founded her latest business, Karlana Pedersen Visual Art & Photography in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in 2015, before returning to Chicago, Illinois in 2019. Since then, Karlana Pedersen Visual Art & Photography has expanded to become a fully online sustainable custom art services provider with her two distinct artisan brands: Her online art gallery www.karlana.com showcasing her original acrylic paintings, digital graphic art prints and her newly formed art licensing brand, Art Maiden. Fine art by Karlana Pedersen is available as Giclee prints, limited editions, originals and Giclee print reproductions, and the quality materials used are rated archival safe to last for years to come.

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How Do Artists Podcast with Ryan & Karlana

2020 has been a banner year. In addition to the growth of Karlana Pedersen Visual Art & Photography, this year will mark the debut of a brand new podcast with Karlana and her creative partner Ryan Caldwell called "How do artists..? with Ryan & Karlana" A weekly, interview-based, live-stream podcast that seeks to ask their guests a single question per episode: How do artists..live, work, play, raise a family, handle relationships, or cope with challenges and adversity. Each week a new topic is featured, and each episode ends with a Q&A session between guests and their listeners in real-time.


How Do Artists Podcast